IPX7 Waterproof smart sonic toothbrush

  • 3 Modes: 3100 rpm, 3700 rpm, 4100 rpm
  • Timer 1: 30 seconds changing reminder, 2 mins a cycle
  • Timer 2: User defined : 30 seconds changing reminder, 2~4 mins a cycle
  • Timer 3: 30 seconds changing reminder, till power off
  • Color: Black and white
  • Battery capacity: 650 mah
  • Battery life: 40 days
  • Water proof: IPX7
  • Brush heads: cleaning brush head and sensitive soft brush head
  • Model No.: D012
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    Say goodbye to boring brushing with our electric sonic toothbrush. Our brush comes with multiple brushing modes and a timer to help you achieve a dentist-clean feeling every time. With long-lasting battery life and a sleek design, you won't want to go back to manual brushing.



    Q: Can I customize the color of the sonic toothbrush handle?
    A: Yes, we offer customization options for the handle color.

    Q: What is the battery life of your sonic toothbrush?
    A: Our sonic toothbrushes have a battery life of up to 4 weeks on a single charge.

    Q: Can the sonic toothbrush be used with sensitive teeth?
    A: Yes, our sonic toothbrushes have different speed settings and come with a sensitive brush head option.

    Q: What is the charging time for your sonic toothbrush?
    A: Our sonic toothbrushes take 4 hours to fully charge.

    Q: Do you offer replacement brush heads for your sonic toothbrush?
    A: Yes, we offer replacement brush heads for our sonic toothbrushes.

    Custom OEM Service for You

    Get your own brand of electric toothbrush with our OEM services! Our team of experts will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your brand is represented by a top-quality, innovative product. Our manufacturing process is of the highest standard, utilizing only the best materials and the latest technology to produce electric toothbrushes that meet international standards. With our OEM services, you can rest assured that your brand will have a competitive edge in the market.

    Product Description

    Stable Smart Life Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading personal care products manufacturer based in China. We specialize in the design, development, and production of high-quality electric sonic toothbrushes, water flossers, and facial massagers. Our goal is to help people live healthier and happier lives by providing them with innovative personal care products that are effective, safe, and easy to use.

    At Stable Smart Life Technology Co., Ltd., we understand that personal care is an important aspect of daily life, which is why we are committed to delivering products that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. Our production line includes a Mold Building Center, a Plastic Injection Molding Production Line, a Silicon Injection Molding Production Line, an SMT Production Line, a Motor Production Department, and an Assembling Line. With these facilities, we can ensure that our products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of precision and accuracy.

    Our electric sonic toothbrushes are equipped with advanced technology that allows them to remove plaque and prevent cavities more effectively than traditional toothbrushes. They are also designed to be gentle on the gums and teeth, making them ideal for people with sensitive teeth or those who wear braces. Our water flossers use a powerful jet of water to remove food particles and bacteria from hard-to-reach areas of the mouth, promoting better oral hygiene and preventing gum disease. Meanwhile, our facial massagers use gentle vibrations to stimulate the skin, promote blood circulation, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    At Stable Smart Life Technology Co., Ltd., we take pride in our commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. Our products are certified by ISO, CE, ROHS, FDA, and other international standards organizations, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of safety and reliability. We are also committed to providing excellent customer service, offering a comprehensive warranty and responsive support for all of our products.

    In conclusion, Stable Smart Life Technology Co., Ltd. is a trusted and reliable personal care products manufacturer that is dedicated to providing innovative, high-quality products that help people live healthier and happier lives. Whether you're looking for an electric sonic toothbrush, a water flosser, or a facial massager, we have the products and expertise to meet your needs.



    1. What is an electric toothbrush?
    An electric toothbrush is a toothbrush that uses electricity to create rapid, back-and-forth or circular movements of the brush head, providing an alternative to manual toothbrushing.

    2. Are electric toothbrushes better than manual toothbrushes?
    Electric toothbrushes are generally considered to be more effective than manual toothbrushes in removing plaque and promoting oral health, especially for people with limited dexterity or mobility.

    3. Are electric toothbrushes suitable for children?
    Yes, there are electric toothbrushes specially designed for children, with softer bristles and smaller brush heads to fit their smaller mouths.

    4. How often should I replace my electric toothbrush head?
    It is recommended to replace the brush head of your electric toothbrush every three to four months, or when the bristles become frayed.

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